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Our concept is based on two foundations. We attach great importance to working on a trusting, comprehensive relationship, placing our patients in the intensive care of an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified specialists.

  • Our proven therapeutic concept has for many years taken a dialogue-based approach.
  • This innovative approach focuses on patients' active participation in the planning of their treatments. The treatment conference enables you to help plan your therapy in direct dialogue with the specialists who are responsible for it.

As the patient, you, your personality and your experience are at centre stage. You and the interdisciplinary team under the direction of Chief Physician Matthias Jäger PD Dr. med. jointly plan your treatments, tailoring them to meet your individual needs. Our treatments are based on the latest findings of science and research.

Therapeutic forms and basic programme:

  • initial interview, treatment conference and meeting with Matthias Jäger, PD Dr. med., Director of Adult Psychiatry and the private clinic’s Chief Physician
  • regular, intensive individual therapy: individual psychiatric/psychotherapeutic discussion with your treatment team
  • group psychotherapy in the specific therapeutic fields
  • psychopharmacological treatment
  • ergotherapy
  • art therapy
  • body-oriented therapies
  • complementary medical procedures such as body wraps or baths.

Examples in detail:


The activities we do and what we experience in the process affects our mental health and wellbeing.
Through ergotherapy, you will work with manual, creative techniques and carry out activities relating to daily life. In doing so, you will feel active again and will also be able to form social relationships. You will also (re)discover personal skills and regain confidence in your own abilities. Within the protected environment of ergotherapy, you will train your concentration skills and resilience, and will regain your independence.

Workshops: Being active means quality of life

In line with our motto, our workshops provide the basis for activities involving creativity, handicrafts and facets of everyday life. Each department is assigned an activation therapist or an occupational therapist. Their workshops can accommodate eight to twelve patients.

Together with patients, therapists and the care provider in charge jointly define treatment goals and therapy dates. The workshops provide either individual work or work in groups, depending on what is called for. The work always focuses on experiencing a sense of success. Important cornerstones of workshop therapy include

•strengthening the patient's resources
•supporting self-esteem
•promoting skills and options
•working on the deficits experienced, and hence
•arriving at new actions,

In this way, activation therapy and occupational therapy make an important contribution to further progress in the patient's treatment.


Art therapy

You paint, draw and design things. You learn techniques to express images in the outside world and within yourself. You develop your creative abilities and train your sensory perception.

Mindfulness group

You will be introduced to simple and yet highly effective exercises which will reintegrate you into the flow of life and put you in touch with your wisdom and vitality. Mindfulness sessions relate to the present moment and promote self-regulation of your mind, feelings and body. Our eight modules are based on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction as developed by Jon Kabat Zinn.

Bouldering in the anxiety competence group

The treatment provided for anxiety disorders consists of six module units and includes a practical component – the boulder group – and a psychoeducative component – the competence group. Among other things, bouldering serves as confrontation and exposure therapy. Ways of dealing with anxiety are taught with the aim of breaking through patterns of avoidance behaviour. This leads to a sense of self-efficacy and increases self-confidence. These aspects are discussed in the accompanying anxiety competence group. Topics discussed include explanatory models for the emergence of an anxiety disorder, self-perception and body awareness, demands and expectations.


Brain jogging

You learn ways of maintaining your intellectual potential and training your memory. In particular, your ability to concentrate and assess situations will be fostered, and knowledge consolidated. Different areas of the brain must be stimulated to counteract forgetfulness.


Sports therapy

As an exercise therapy measure, sports therapy compensates for and regenerates impaired physical, psychological and social functions with appropriate forms of sports. It enables us to prevent follow-on damage and promote health-oriented behaviour.

Motor skills are very important for a person's autonomy. Exercise and sport affect different skills. Their positive impact on body, mind and social factors helps improve one's quality of life. The main aim of sports therapy at Psychiatrie Baselland is to make patients aware of the positive impact of exercise and sport on their physical and mental state and strengthen their relationship with their own bodies.

Walking in the woods

In the woods around the clinic you will experience the mood-enhancing benefits of exercise, sunlight and nature. While walking in the woods, you will stimulate your senses, enjoy the fresh air and sense of fellowship and break through your daily routine. Many people find walking an enjoyable leisure activity. It strengthens your musculoskeletal system and circulation without any great exertion.

Additional services:

  • Social welfare counselling: finance, housing, work, work-related interventions if necessary
  • Pastoral care: our pastor regularly visits the private clinic. She is happy to talk to you in private if you wish. Both Swiss Reformed Church and Roman Catholic clergy work at Psychiatrie Baselland, and we can arrange clergy for members of other denominations and religions.


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