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On the day you arrive, you will have an admission interview with one of the department's therapists or the duty doctor. Our therapeutic approach focuses on conversation, in which your relatives can take part if you wish. We jointly define the goals of your stay with you, and we also provide therapeutic aftercare. Treatment can also be conducted in English if you wish.

Admission interview

The purpose of this interview is to gain an overview of your life situation and its current critical culmination.

In a second interview, with your core team – the therapist in charge of your case and your care provider – your case is assigned to one of the three key therapeutic areas. At the same time, the goals for your stay are defined.

You are also given a basic programme tailored to your subject area, which you can begin immediately. In addition to the basic programme, three interviews per week are offered: an individual interview with your therapist, a core team interview and an individual interview with your care provider.

After admission, you will have an appointment with the senior physician or psychologist responsible for you.

You will then have the opportunity to supplement your basic programme with items from the advanced therapy programme.

The chief physician will constantly oversee the further course of your therapy at the weekly treatment conference.

It is particularly important to us to enable your relatives to be involved in your treatment in the context of couple and family discussions if you wish.

If you have any questions regarding the structure of the day, your workplace situation or administrative matters, our welfare service staff member is at your disposal. You can also meet her for regular discussions if you like.

During your stay you will have the opportunity to attend external appointments as part of stress tests, or to spend a night at home. This will give you an initial opportunity to re-integrate yourself into your domestic, social and professional environment, testing your resilience in everyday life.

Checklist for your entry



After a period of stabilisation the focus shifts to preparations for your discharge, asking such questions as:

  • What other support services would you like?
  • Should follow-up outpatient treatment be organised?

You and your treatment team jointly determine your discharge date.

On the day you leave, a discharge interview will take place to recapitulate the most important topics from your treatment and draw up an emergency plan to prevent further crises. It is important to us for your first aftercare appointments to have been arranged before you leave.


Even before you leave the clinic you have the possibility of an initial consultation with an outpatient psychiatrist or psychotherapist. An initial consultation with Psychiatrie-Spitex, for example, can take place during your inpatient stay.

If you are not yet sufficiently stable to be transferred to an outpatient setting, it is possible to attend our department's therapy programme for two to three weeks. Before your discharge we will jointly decide on which days of the week you will attend. As a day patient, you will come to the private clinic in the morning for the first part of your individual therapy programme, continuing it after lunch and returning home in the late afternoon.


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