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We treat and support people who face stressful mental health issues and crises on their journey through life. Our treatments cover a broad spectrum of psychiatric conditions.

We adopt a psychodynamic and social-psychiatric approach. Our expertise lies in psychotherapeutic, psychosocial and psychopharmacological methods. With our medical service and our proximity to other adult psychiatric centres – our Crisis Intervention Centre, for example – we are by your side in every situation, from acute crisis through to ultimate therapeutic success.

Treatment concept and therapy focus

Our successful treatment concept consists of a basic programme and an advanced programme. The basic programme comprises three different thematic focuses, and your assignment to one of them will be discussed with you. The advanced programme is created individually for each patient. Depending on your personal life situation, we deal with the following topics:

1. Reorientation and life transitions, for example:

  • dealing with separation and loss: children moving out, separation from / death of a partner
  • support with vocational reorientation: problems at work, retraining, vocational measures, invalidity insurance proceedings, termination of working life, transition to retirement
  • coping with severe life crises.

2. Relationships and emotions, for example:

  • professional support in the area of mindful self-care (recognising your stress limits)
  • dealing with difficult feelings and tendencies towards self-harm
  • coping with conflict-laden relationships.

3. Managing the stresses of everyday life, for example:

  • dealing with loneliness and anxiety: overcoming social withdrawal and isolation, structuring your day
  • avoiding the effects of stress on your health: reconciling work and your private life, achieving a work/life balance
  • help with the organisation and management of your day-to-day life.


Anmeldung und Aufnahme Privatpatienten und Selbstzahlende

Psychiatrie Baselland
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