Our successful therapy concept has relied on a dialogue centred approach to therapy for many years. We place outmost importance on mutual trust as well as in-depth work on the relationship. In conjunction with our broad range of therapies and the intensive support offered by our specialists, who are fully trained up to the latest standards, this treatment approach accounts for the outstanding quality of care at our private clinic.

Central attention is placed on you as a patient, on your personality and your individual experiences. The interdisciplinary treatment team headed by the chief physician PD Dr. med. Matthias Jäger will actively involve you in drawing up a treatment plan that is tailored to you individually. Our treatments and therapies are based on the most recent findings in science and research.

Types of therapies

  • Initial interview, chief physician ward rounds and ward meetings with PD Dr. med. Matthias Jäger, medical director of Adult Psychiatry and chief physician of the Private Clinic
  • Regular and intensive individual therapy
  • Group psychotherapy in various settings
  • Body-centred treatments:
    concentrative movement therapy, progressive muscle relaxation, psychosomatic physiotherapy, sports therapy
  • Milieu therapy
    Conversations with the personal caregiver, ward meetings, daily communal tea time, daily-life training incl. exposure training, cooking group
  • Finely tuned psychopharmacology, medical somatic examination and treatment
  • Use of complementary medicine:
    wet pack, phytotherapy, baths
  • Intensive occupational therapy in individual and group settings
  • Art and music therapy
  • Involvement of relatives
  • Counselling by the social services (finances, residence, employment) and if required work-related interventions
  • Pastoral conversations
  • Efficient and timely planning of discharge from the clinic, including preliminaries for subsequent out-patient treatment

Special therapies in detail:

Intensive occupational therapy, in individual and group settings
You use your hands and work on a wide range of materials such as clay, soapstone, wood, silk and felt. You stimulate your general level of activity and recover skills that have been lost.

Art therapy
You paint, draw and create. You learn techniques by which you can give expression to inner and outer images, develop your creative abilities, and train your sensory perception.

Music therapy
You play on simple rhythm instruments, use your voice, and produce "body music". You learn how to express yourself by means of tones and rhythms. You learn to listen carefully and enter into a musical dialogue with others.

Psychosomatic physiotherapy
You improve the bodily functions that may have been impaired. At the same time you learn how to rediscover your own body, you gain a fresh perception of yourself, both while resting and when engaged in activities, alone and alongside others.

Sports therapy
You actively move your body, alone or in the group. You compensate for and regenerate possibly impaired bodily, mental and social functions by engaging in sports and movement therapy.

Additional elements of treatment:

Personal counselling by the social services
Our social services section advises you in the following matters: finances, residence, work and law. If required, work-related interventions are carried out.

Pastoral conversations
Both Protestant and Roman Catholic pastors work at the clinic Psychiatrie Baselland. We can also arrange for spiritual assistance for members of other denominations or religions. Flyer (in German)

Professional and holistic care
Our highly qualified healthcare professionals are fully trained according to the latest research findings. They attend to and support our patients, with a great deal of empathy and commitment, throughout the day-to-day life at the private clinic. Every patient is assigned a personal caregiver who plans and monitors the care during the entire stay. He / she serves as the first point of call for all needs. This caregiver attends the discussions with family members, and constitutes the core team together with the medical therapist. Care is guaranteed around-the-clock.
The nursing and care specialists manage the daily communal tea time, prepare the patient to cope with situations arising in daily life, carry out exposure training sessions (controlled exposure to the source of a problem), and supervise the cooking groups.

Demonstrated quality
Our quality management system is comprehensive, process-based and transparent. It serves the continual improvement of our services. We are certified according to ISO standard 9001:2008. We measure and compare patient satisfaction, treatment success, and the quality of further education at our institution. More