Registration and admissions

Admissions of the referred Person is possible around-the-clock 365 days per year. Please register directly with the Zentrale Aufnahme at Psychiatrie Baselland, Bienentalstrasse 7, 4410 Liestal. We would be grateful, if you would contact us in advance at: +41 61 553 56 56.

Voluntary (non-emergency) admissions can be realized on any day of the year, after prior notice. The registration is carried out by the referring instance. Administrative matters can be clarified with the staff of the patients' administration office before admission. They will also obtain the acknowledgement of coverage from the health insurance company.

Come and get to know us
You are cordially invited to visit and review the facilities of the Private Clinic. Prospective treatment may be discussed in a preliminary meeting. Please request an appointment directly with Mr. Christian Büchenbacher, Head of Nursing, private clinic, +41 61 553 54 31, christian.büchenbacher(at)

Financing / Insurance

Before admission to the clinic, we obtain the confirmation of coverage from your insurance company in order to relieve you from administrative tasks. Our staff of patient administration will gladly assist you with further questions: +41 61 553 53 53.

In the private clinic, we treat adults with a private or semi-private health insurance (supplementary hospital insurance for private / semi-private ward) .

Naturally, we also welcome patients at the private clinic who have no or only partial insurance coverage:

  • pure self-payers from Switzerland or from abroad pay all costs for services rendered themselves
  • patients whose treatment is only covered by the basic health insurance, have the possibility to obtain an upgrade for a higher treatment level at their own expense

In both cases, a deposit is required. Costs and tariffs in German (PDF).


The discharge from the clinic marks the end of an intensive phase of treatment.  Careful aftercare planning and coordination to facilitate and implement the effective post-discharge rehabilitation is crucial to the success of any recovery plan. The patient will usually continue in treatment with the referring doctor after being discharged. If this is no longer possible, we will confer with you to organise the outpatient follow-up treatment, or arrange for a place in a day-clinic, or in a residential or senior citizens' home. If desired, and by arrangement with the patient, we will involve family members and / or contact persons in coordinating the aftercare treatment recommendations. We feel that it is most important wo work closely together with these external partners and individuals.