Psychological distress in advanced age

Retirement and advanced age are marked by profound changes in lifestyle and role definitions. These changes entail dealing with oftentimes relevant but difficult topics, e.g. seeking for new meaningful future prospects or letting go of familiar situations or surroundings. Thus, the challenges implied are commonly related to experiences of loss or restrictions. Physical impairment, lack of social support, and limited independence can render daily life more difficult.

In our private clinic we provide people aged 65 and above who have supplementary insurance with competent help and a programme tailored specifically to their life circumstances and needs. The main focus of our services for people of the 65-plus generation is on therapy for:

  • All kinds of depression
  • Psychosocial stress due to a change in one's life situation
  • Early stages of dementia, minor brain disorders
  • Phobias
  • Psychotic disorders

The broad range of treatments offered at the private clinic is complemented by specific group therapy modules that are tailored to the needs and capacities of people of the 65-plus generation: 

  • Group psychotherapy
  • Memory training
  • Occupational therapy
  • Progressive muscle Relaxation

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