Range of treatments

We cover a wide range of mental disorders, with a special focus on


We provide professional help for the following mental disorders

  • all kinds of depressions and other affective disorders
  • burnout syndrome and other types of psychosocial stress in life crises or during life-changes (such as reaction to a separation)
  • personality and behavioural disorders
  • phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • psychotic disorders
  • somatoform and psychosomatic disorders (chronic pain, pain disorders)
  • early stages of dementia, minor brain disorders

Thanks to our proximity to acute psychiatric facilities we are also able to accept people with serious mental illnesses or crises.

The services offered are aimed at adult patients of all ages who have private or semi-private supplementary hospital insurance. The clinic is also open, at a surcharge, to patients who have basic health insurance or to self-pay patients.

If desired, the therapy can be carried out in English.

Would you like to visit the Private Clinic to review the facilities? Please request an appointment directly with Mr. Christian Büchenbacher, Head of Nursing, +41 61 553 54 31.

Flyer (in German) (PDF)