For those referring a patient

A stay at our modern private clinic provides patients who have supplementary health insurance with an ideal opportunity to retreat to a well-protected environment. Thus detached from the often times stressful daily-life the patient will find the peace of mind essential to discovering his way out of crisis. The high quality of our comprehensive treatment program, the benevolent atmosphere and the amenities of a sophisticated hotel business are essential features of our open ward private clinic.

Our long standing success in the treatment of a broad range of mental disorders is based on a psychotherapeutic, relationship-oriented treatment concept in combination with a high level of competence in social psychiatry.

Our dialogue-centred therapy approach gives the centre stage to your patient with his / her personality and experiences. We place special emphasis on a personal, trusting and in-depth relationship. The broad range of therapies and the individual care offered by the interdisciplinary treatment team account for the outstanding quality of care at our private clinic.